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York County Human Services

Providing Quality Human Services to the Citizens of York County

Individual Developmental Disabilities


Our mission is to serve, with respect, individuals in our community with mental illness, intellectual disabilities and developmental delays in order to enhance their quality of life and provide an opportunity to reach their fullest potential. 

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Tips For Communicating With A Person With Disabilities

Tips for communicating with a person with developmental disabilities. (York, PA)

 Individuals with disabilities face stigmatizing language use that can be  demeaning. It's important when choosing the words we use to not let a  disability define a person, or allow them to be seen as unequal to  individuals who are able-bodied. Pennsylvania Department of Human Services
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Life Stress Inventory

Dear Stress, Let's break up, love me.

Do you have stress in your life? Take this life stress inventory quiz to reflect on your past 12 months. Check back later today for some self-care ideas! 

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74 Self Care Ideas

74 self-care ideas to maintain and improve mental health, mental wellness and daily life.

74 Self-Care Ideas from Live Bold and Bloom! Which ones work well for you? Which ones do you want to add into your daily routine?

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